Welcome to the project

Journalism toolboxWelcome to my blog! The following year I will write about my work and progress on this project The Journalist’s Toolbox. I’ve been working on project in my head for many months,, actually for years.

It all began three years ago when I got a great gig helping out Mynewsdesk.com – a publishing platform and press tool – to design a survey aimed at mapping the abilities and competences of editors around the world.

It was a thrill to ask and receive close to 2,000 answers from six countries: United States, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The differences were vastly due to the various differences in funding and ownership of the media- However, there were also a lot of similarities in how the editors saw the future and experienced the pressure of the digitalisation. The conclusions were that:

  1. The demands on journalists are increasing daily. Journalists now need to publish on numerous platforms, master various work tools and be highly knowledgeable.
  2. Journalists feel they don’t have the time to do quality work, and publishers are not prioritizing in-depth reporting. Moreover, native content and advertorials are gradually, despite some objections, becoming a reality that journalists will need to embrace.
  3. To succeed in the profession you need to be knowledgeable, versatile, skilful and creative in an increasingly fast-paced environment.

If you are curious to read the report with results of the survey, I wrote, you can read it here and it’s in English. The report gave me the idea to develop three different categories of journalists. I will be writing more on that and this project the following weeks.

I have also made a resume of the report in Danish, published at Communication Forum and it’s available here. You are more than welcome to send me your thoughts and ideas through the contact form here.