… and I’m of to a flying start

A few days ago, I posted the news on this project The Journalist’s Toolbox on LinkedIn. I was a bit hesitant to make it public for some reason – maybe because things get a lot more real when you tell other people.

However, the announcement of three large grants and the work I plan to do for the next year was greeted with many positive comments and best wishes. If you want to follow my updates on LinkedIn (mostly in Danish), you can do so here. More than 3,000 people have read about the project so far.

After starting tentatively on my reading list, I have decided to make it public and in addition to involve others in what I should read in order to create the journalist’s toolbox. By being transparent, I hope to involve more people and also to enhance the literature reviews, which I will later use for my report.

So which topics and types of knowledge am I looking for? It’s mainly in four categories:

  • Books on the future of journalism (from 2015 and onwards)
  • Articles from peer reviewed journals on competence building
  • Surveys and reports on the development of the labour market
  • Journalism institutes that would be interesting to follow

Let me know what you want me to read? Just send that e-mail today!